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Children's Books

Looking for a great gift for that special child (or child at heart)?

Please allow me to suggest a beautifully-illustrated children's book called Balloon on the Moon. (I wouldn't dare say it's also "powerfully-written" because, as the author, humility prevents me...)


A lost balloon leads to a unique rescue mission!


When Will's red balloon accidentally floats off to the moon, his big brother Jake volunteers to bring it back. With the "go ahead" from NASA (and Mom), Jake climbs aboard a rocket ship and embarks on a mission he (and you) won't soon forget -- a few small steps for child-kind and a giant leap across the moon to save a little brother's lost balloon!


At its heart, Balloon on the Moon is a story about brothers and the astronomical lengths a big brother goes to see that a younger brother is happy. When kids ask me about my favorite aspect of the book, it always comes back to that.


Balloon on the Moon is available through online book retailers, including .


I'd love for it to find a special place on your child's bookshelf!


-- Dan McCann